Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm convinced!

I'm convinced that I am fool! Aha! I cannot keep up with doing a 365. What a shame. So, instead I will blog and do weekly photos of my life. It's all good! :)

Just so this post isn't completely boring or useless. Here is a picture of my sweet Desiree in serious concentration mode!




  1. She's so beautiful!

    Now you know why I only did the 365 for one year and didn't start into a second year. It's too much pressure and it makes the project feel like "homework". I like to take pics when I want to and don't like feeling obligated. I might take 20 pics on one day and then none for the next 2, but at least the passion is there that way.

    It's okay! I'll still follow your blog and look at pics of Desiree! ♥ Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my! I think my will turn into a weekly thing too!! 4 classes this semester 5 kids soon!! arrrr..... we will see!! Love her! she so cute and precious!

  3. I never started a 365 for the same reason I refuse to take birth control pills. I know I'd end up forgetting!! LOL I like the idea of weekly pictures. That is something I could get behind. :)

  4. Yeah! Seriously, Yvonne! Speaking of BCP.......You reminded me that I forgot to take mine today! LMAO Hope you're having a great weekend! :)